Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"Ashes of Creation": Reimagining the MMORPG Genre

Today marks another step towards the reinvigoration of the MMORPG genre. Intrepid Studios is a year into full development of Ashes of Creation; an MMORPG that seeks to redefine the genre, and the team wants every MMORPG fan to be a part of the project.
Intrepid Studios is ultimately setting out to make a bigger and better MMORPG.Set in a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years our players will rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover an uncharted realm. The world will be ever changing with ruins, beasts, and cities that rise and fall.
One key feature that makes Ashes of Creation unique is how the environment responds to the players. For example, a community built on top of a mountain may eventually disturb a dragon deep inside the mountain’s core.  In that scenario, inhabitants would be forced to decided between fleeing and staying to defend their homes. The Devs hope that no two players will experience the game the same way as each game is based on player choice.
A kickstarter is now live to see the game get off the ground. Intrepid Studios are seeking $750K in crowdfunding via Kickstarter’s platform. As part of the month long Kickstarter, Intrepid is offering players various rewards including in-game perks. Intrepid Studios will be hosting lifestreams and other events throughout the campaign for the community. Devs also pledge to hand out Alpha access for the game of (when that period of development comes on) during these streets.
Will you be donating early to secure your perks?