Who are you People?!

Formed by two doctors in the Midwest, Doctors of Gaming was originally conceived in 2016 as an idea to promote physician wellness, act as a hub of connection using a laid back format of gaming, and as a community for like-minded people to team up and play their favorite games together. Since then, we have evolved into not only an eclectic gaming blog but also into a community-focused provider of networking, education, and business resources for all medical professionals and gamers. Having both the medical expertise and gaming know-how, our community and its members are available for consulting services related to gaming and/or healthcare for development studios or other businesses that engage in medical gaming.

Why Gaming?

Our founders grew up in the 8-bit era and have kept gaming throughout, whereas others are just rediscovering their old passion. Either way, it is a really cool way for gamers and/or professionals to come together in a non-stressful environment.‚Äč

Why Doctors?

Why not? Doctors have hobbies too, and we have found that quite a few of them like to game. On a more serious note, physician wellness is emerging as an area of increasing importance in the medical community. As we as a community work toward systemic change, us healers must remember to keep tabs on our own well-being.

How Do I Connect With the Community?

The easiest way to get in on the discussion is via our Discord. To directly contact our administrators, please email [email protected].